MAKE WORLD looks at attempts to live differently, –  from communes to would-be utopias, eco-villages to spiritual settlements and even guru-led cults — past and present. If you’ve ever wondered how if there’s another way to live,  or are just curious to know what crazy things other people have tried, this is the show for you.

We’re at a moment where a lot of people are considering different ways of living – from simple co-living to intentional communities to full-on communes. There’s a hunger for new ways to live.  Partly this is out of necessity: many of us are unable afford to do things the traditional way, and we’re looking for groups of other people to help us get to a more liveable world.

But it’s about more than just dealing with adversity. We’re also responding to to increasing atomisation, the loneliness or life in post-industrial societies. People are starting to ask we can live in ways that could improve our connectedness, of sharing our world with others in a more meaningful way.

And it goes deeper. On both sides of the political spectrum. there’s the sense that the systems designed to organize and structure everyday life have either failed, or are in the process of failing. Democracies that don’t, perhaps can’t, take into account the views of their citizens; elected governments that can’t respond to the most critical problems we’re facing. In this context, it’s quite natural that the the idea arises of taking things into our own hands, of building a world we want to live in for ourselves.

MAKE WORLD looks at the experiences of people who’ve tried to do just this. What we can learn by examining a how people have tried to live differently. What went right for them? What went wrong? And perhaps most importantly, can changing the way we live ultimately change the world?